19 November 2009


Price :  RM60
This includes shipping and gift box.
Finished Size : 6"

18 November 2009

Rainbow Bracelet, Coloful Swarovski Bracelet

This colorful Swarovski bracelet is fashioned from the ever shining Swarovski crystals.   I used fuchsia pink, light pink, light siam red, crystal clear and peridot to create this rainbow bracelet.
A silver-plated textured heart toggle completes it.

Dolphin Bracelet, Sea Charm Bracelet

This  sea charm bracelet has dusky purple Czech glass dolphin charm dangling on a gunmetal chain.    The beads catches the light beautifully with every movement of the wrist.  I used  swirly silver-plated findings to give the dolphin bracelet an extra sparkle.  It fits comfortably on the wrist. This charm bracelet is finished with a  textured round silver- plated toggle clasp.

Gold Fusion, Sold

The gleaming gold links send off glints of light when the bracelet is worn.


The design highlights the beauty of each perfect rainbow obsidian discs.  The wire wrapped loops that connects the beads givs them the appearance of floating.

Emira's - Gift

For a beautiful child.

Sea Green

The swarovski crystals catches the lights at different angles causing the pendant to glow and sparkle.  It is so evocative of the colour of the sea on a beautiful sunny day.

Jasper Flowers Trio

I simply love Jasper stones.  They have these mutltitude of colors that simply reminds me of everything earthy.  The main attraction for this necklace is three jasper flower-shapeds beads.  I just added the silver flower component for the extra glint and the gunmetal chainlink simply completes this piece.

17 November 2009

Purple Spring

The light and dark purple mingles beautifully evoking an aura of romantic nostalgia.

Swirl With Jasper

Ocean Jasper flower with silver components.
Finished Size :  6"


A circlet of delicate flowers fashioned from amethyst swarovski crystal bicones.

Finished Size :  6"

Star Spangled

Blue mixes beautifully with most other colors and can be seen in all seasons.
 In this piece, it gives a sporty feeling and would look good with jeans and t-shirt.

Finished Size :  6"

Koolz - Gift

This pair of earrings was my one of first and is now a gift to a friend. 

Polka Dot

Price :  RM18
This includes shipping and gift box.

Pink Lady - In Progress

Made using czech beads.  My intention was to make this into an anklet?  What do you think?


Constructed with Mother of pearl donut shells, amethyst and rose quartz cat's eyes and a heart toggle to complete it.
Finished Size : 6"


Finished Size :  6"

A Pair Of Red Roses

This piece is to complement "A Row of Red Roses" bracelet. 

Jagged Edge

Made with agate and mookaite chips.   This is a gift to a good friend of mine.

Iela's - Sold

Black and white are opposites that teamed up to make a classy and classic bracelet.
Price :  RM190
Finished Size : 6"

16 November 2009

15 November 2009

Queen Bee - Sold

Design idea from an amazing artist, Mastura
Lampwork bead with silver butterfly wings.

Crystal Crowne Royale

Swarovski bicone crystals in a refined elegant setting accented with a designer clasp.

Finished Size : 7"

Amore - Sold

Amore is incorporated with silver heart charms and crystal white swarovski bicones beaded into a sterling silver chain making Amore an alluring bracelet.
Finished Size :  6"

Butterfly - Sold

Floral Fusion

Finished Size : 7"


The tranquil blue colour of this bracelet fashioned from swarovski bicones summons lasting images of the sea.
Finished Size :  7"

Orange and Green Bracelet

I used green murano beads and orange flecked glass beads in this orange and green bracelet.

Beaded Anklet, Sweet Orange

Just completed this piece today.  I designed this for an anklet and yet it looks sweet enough on a wrist too!

14 November 2009

How To Order

Please e-mail to me at stse1964@gmail.com if you like any of the design and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Most of the design is the one of a kind design and only you will be the special someone who will be enjoying the beautiful piece.

I will need full payment within 3 days before I will proceed with the delivery. 

I accept online bank transfer via Public Bank Bhd or Maybank Bhd.  I will e-mail the details upon confirmation of your order.

Free shipping is only within Malaysia.

NOTE :  I use genuine swarovski crystals for their beautiful sparkle unless otherwise stated.

13 November 2009



Musings is designed with a large black with gold inlaid focal bead  and accented with tiger eyes ovals and joined together with black faceted agate and miyuki seed beads. 


These were the first set I made with Marina's wonderful tutorial. 


This piece could be shorten to a choker and be elegant for an evening out.

Price :  RM90
This includes shipping and gift box.

Lavender Star

I designed this piece to complement the Lavender Bracelet.


Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace, Heart Of The Ocean - Sold

This Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace is one of the first jewelry kit that I have just learnt to make using a beading pattern that was provided with the kit and taught me it really did!

There was a few wrong turns while I was weaving the heart pendant and there were many soft curses that was uttered and I was doubting myself whether I could ever complete it.
Well, persistence is always the key.....and I am happy that I persevered.

This is the perfect girly-girl pink necklace.  This Swarovski necklace required four different shades of pink crystals and that was one of the reason I had to unravel over and over again.  It really taught me that organization and systematic skills is important when doing bead weaving.

I am happy to say that this heart pendant necklace has gone to a good home.

Golden Amber

Going Green

Heart of Jasper

"Heart of Jasper" is composed of a strand of swarovski crystal pearls, swarovski clear bicones along with crystal clear rondelles and the heart-shaped pendant is of Ocean Jasper. 

Flower Cross-Sold

A pendant cross of faux pearls treated with a delicate pink flower.  This chic design has a dignified air.

Fire Orange Spring

I love the way the orange has a reddish tone or should i say the red with the reddish tone?  Anyway, I love the way it contrast with one another.....
Finished Size : 7"

Garnet Bracelet, Swarovski Beaded Bracelet, Elegance

Red garnet enhanced with black diamond swarovski crystals for the romantic setting in this Swaroski beaded bracelet.  The garnet bracelet measures at 7 inches in length.

Dana's - Sold

Price :  RM88
This includes shipping and gift box.

Speckled Lantern

Price :  RM18
This includes shipping and gift box.


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