27 August 2015

Peridot Bracelet, Green Gemstone Bracelet, Cluster Bracelet

I love the vivid green of the Peridot which has just a slight hint of yellow.  It is the ideal gemstone color to go with summer and no wonder, as Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August.  You will notice too that the fashion world has started to rediscover green and falling in love with it all over again.

So what better way to celebrate August - make a peridot bracelet!!! And what a better way to use my stash of peridot chips I bought years ago.  

The green peridot chips are carefully and individually wire wrapped onto a brass-plated chainlink.  I added some Czech lavender flower and round beads for a little color.  Like walking through a meadow with little wild purple flowers.  A place with butterflies and dragonfly flitting by....  Heavenly!

I shall name this My Dream Meadow :-
in the meadow of my dream
i smell of joy
in the meadow of my heart
i dream of love

I found a pretty brass plated flower toggle clasp to complete this beautiful cluster bracelet.  

Since there were some leftover chips, I made a pair of cluster earrings for this green gemstone bracelet.

Hop over to my Etsy shop for these beauties.

26 August 2015

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Pearl and Glass Bracelet, Brown Glass Bracelet

For this pearl and glass bracelet, I used some of these lovely honey brown glass beads that were given to me by my mother. 

The beautiful sheen of white Swarovski Elements crystal baroque pearls pairs beautifully with the brown glass beads in this Swarovski Pearl Bracelet. I added gunmetal heishi beads, some smaller Swarovski crystal and pearls for added structure and depth to the brown glass bracelet.

I found an antique-looking gold plated toggle clasp that reminded me of victorian scrollwork to secure this baroque pearl bracelet.  Likey like the whole look of this design.

You can find this beauty at my Etsy shop.
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