16 July 2013

Pearl and Chain Bracelet, Petrona

This pearl and chain bracelet is a classic melding of beads and chain in silver and gunmetal with petrol colored swarovski crystal pearls. I finished with a round textured toggle clasp and a gothic heart charm.

Teal Bracelet, Serenity

This teal bracelet was made with apatite; the color of light green/teal which was so light and fresh that I wanted simplicity to reflect the serenity of the crystal.  Finished with silver beads, a flower shaped toggle, a butterfly and leaf charm and Voila!!!

White Crystal Bracelet, Not All White

You could wear this white crystal bracelet with a plain silver chain bracelet, or a black beaded bracelet or stacked it up.  

Unique Bookmarks - SOLD

Unique Bookmarks - SOLD

These metal bookmarks are inspired by the hairpin ornaments worn by the Chinese concubines.

01 June 2013

Only for You

I would like to say thank you for the Heart Pendant tutorial from
 Deborah Roberti of Around The Beading Table.  

I just added two strands of brass chain  to the heart pendant to finish the necklace.

Blue Flower Bracelet, Maya, SOLD

I am so glad to know that floral jewelry is the season's latest fashion trend.  I love flowers, all flowers in any colors and shape.....so this is an added motivation for me to use flowers in many of my jewelry pieces.

I bought the czech blue glass beads with luster round cut from  Katerina of MayaHoney.  The blue is just amazing, right? It pairs so beautiful with brass findings and I am totally happy that the bracelet has this vintage, elegant and feminine look to it.  I added the cat lady charm to inject a little fun to the  blue flower bracelet.

31 May 2013

Blue and White Glass Bracelet, Isla

A very simple blue and white glass bracelet and yet I am totally pleased with it. 

My sister bought these blue and white striped beads from Australia and when I saw the glass beads the first time, I will be honest to say that it was not likey-like at first sight.  It took some sitting and staring and cursing before an inspiration came to me..... Hallelujah!!!!

The blue and white glass beads reminded me of the color of the sailor's uniform and I didnt want to go for the blue and white theme too much.  So I added the brilliant pink and green seed bead  and look how amazing it makes the blue and white bead's color pop.  The copper color of the lock and key charms and toggle clasp completes the glass bracelet so well.

Metal Bookmarks - SOLD

Unique Bookmarks-SOLD

Crystal Bookmark, Circee

15 May 2013

Red Flower Bracelet, Camellia

This red flower bracelet is perfect for adding some color to your wardrobe.

Silver Tube Wrap Bracelet, Silverlight

This is a silver tube wrap bracelet that can be coiled twice around your wrist.  It can be worn stacked with other bracelets or as it is for any look you desire.

To me, the main appeal of a wrap bracelet is that it looks like I am wearing mutiple bracelets.  Add with an array of other bracelets and it is another fashion style.  So effectively, I am getting more than my money's worth.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, Georgia

A little razzle and dazzle for this beautiful sparkling bracelet.

Design courtesy of Georgia Scardini.

Unique Bookmarks - SOLD

02 April 2013


A fresh take on the vintage inspired look.  
The deep red garnet colored czech fire polished beads really pairs beautifully with the brass beads.

Practice makes perfect or does it not????

These are the first few rings that I have just learnt to make.  

As you can see, I still do need lots of practice to make polished-looking rings.  

Blue Flower Pendant Necklace, Blue Ivy

This blue flower pendant necklace or "Blue Ivy" as I named it, 
was made to complement the bracelet , Ice Princess.

On a seed bead chain of almost similar color, the flower pendant has a gorgeously iridescent effect.  I can also interchange with a silver chain and have this pendant necklace shining away with my everyday outfit.

Orange and Black Seed Bead Bracelet, Maeridia

A row of diamond panes from bugle and seed beads for this simple and delightful bracelet.  

This orange and black seed bead bracelet is now listed at my Etsy shop.

Blue Swarovski Flower Bracelet, Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet, Ice Princess

Recently, I found this beading pattern and decided to make this beautiful flower design into a flower bracelet.  I linked the flowers together to make this dazzling blue Swarovski bracelet, which I secured with a round silver plated toggle.  Since it was a flower bracelet, I dangled two different shape leaf charms at the end of the bracelet.  

The cool and icy aquamarine Swarovski crystals makes the crystal bracelet looks elegant and delicate, doesnt it? 

 Blue is the universal favorite color for both men and women, dont you agree?  The color blue embodies the uplifting spirit of a sunny sky or soothing ocean, perhaps explaining why so many of us choose blue for a calming, for beauty, tranquility and peace.

By the by, aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

Blue Button

Colorful Bracelet, Millie

A whimsical bracelet for a fun day out.

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