14 September 2011

Simple Beaded Bracelets, I lov you, friends, forever, balance

Can be worn singly or stacked with a timepiece or other bracelets.


I combined different shades of purple tones to make this modern yet vintage like necklace. 
Material used :  All swarovski except for the chain which I used seed beads.

01 September 2011

Leaf Charm Bracelet, Leaf Dangles

Keeping In Time

I wanted a simple look so I just added some smoky rondelle quartz and a clear swarovski cube to finish off this necklace. 


I wanted to make this with black agate but it was difficult to find agates in the measurements i wanted so I had to finally use czech beads for this piece.  It turned out beautifully and it looks like a vintage jewelry. 
 Dont you think so?

Black Beaded Bracelet, Crystal Wave

I made this with czech fire polished glass beads and it looks very dramatic when you wear it.
One of my favourite pieces to wear on a daily basis.

Simple Beaded Bracelets, Easy Pleasy Bracelet

Made these easy to make bracelets for my daughter. 

White Quartz Bracelet, Snow

Blue Glass Bracelet, Blue Waves

I love the blue and how the swirls are reflected in the light.

Iris Set

These are made with czech matte glass beads.  The colours are just amazing, isnt it?


Something simple yet unique to wear.

Easy Pleasy Bangles

Made these to unwind after a long busy day at the office.  I was just playing with colours and presto!!!! 

Dear Heart

Paired off this swarovski heart pendant with some wire work of my own. 


The black and dark gold swarovski crystals along with agate rounds make this a dazzling necklace.

Aventurine Set

The aventurine and the metallic amethyst seed beads paired up beautifully to make this lacy looking jewelry set.

Aventurine is known as a lucky stone.  It is said that if one holds aventurine in both hands while envisioning prosperity, money and good luck will arive at one's doorstep!
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