06 January 2010

Twirling In Darkness

My sister bought this onyx pendant for me.  Isnt it beautiful?
Properties of onyx :  Strength-giving provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and in ties of enormous mental or physical stress.  Centering your energy and aligning it to higher guidance.  Facilitates being master of one's destiny.  Promotes vigour, steadfastness and stamina.  Aids in learning lessons, imparting self-confidence and helping one to be at ease.
Wow, do I need all that! Thanks "Tigger".

Brash n Brassy

A simple elegant bracelet that will quickly become a go-to favourite.

Price :  RM38
This includes shipping and gift box.
Finished size :  6"

Coil N Swirl

I think this is gonna look great with jeans. 
Made with czech beads and brown leather cord.
Finished size : 6"

05 January 2010


I have this urge to do some beading now, NOW, NOW, NOW but I have to be at the office.  Aargh!!!!  Anyone feeling like this?  I have colours, sizes and lengths buzzing in my head, not numbers and words!  I will be counting the hours today. What agony ......  Help.........

03 January 2010

Czech Glass Pendant Necklace, Shining-Sold

I used Czech beads  along with crystal and rhinestone rondelles, bugle beads and swarovski rounds for this Czech glass pendant necklace.

 The lilac colour base creates a romantic setting.

Nature's Wonder

Anyone interested to have a little nature's wonder at hand?


I love the colour violet.  Flowers in that colour everywhere in my house.  So made this to have a little of that colour on me.  Anyway, violet is believe to be the colour of the spiritual, the sacred and the mysterious. I would love to have a dash of all that. Hmm...

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