02 April 2013


A fresh take on the vintage inspired look.  
The deep red garnet colored czech fire polished beads really pairs beautifully with the brass beads.

Practice makes perfect or does it not????

These are the first few rings that I have just learnt to make.  

As you can see, I still do need lots of practice to make polished-looking rings.  

Blue Ivy

I made this to complement the bracelet "Ice Princess".

Orange and Black Bracelet, Maeridia

A row of diamond panes from bugle and seed beads for this simple and delightful bracelet.  

This seed bead bracelet is now listed at my Etsy shop.

Ice Princess

I found this beautiful design of flowers linked together to make this dazzling bracelet.  
The cool aquamarine swarovski crystals makes the bracelet looks elegant and delicate, doesnt it?

 Blue is the universal favorite color for both men and women, dont you agree?  The color blue embodies the uplifting spirit of a sunny sky or soothing ocean, perhaps explaining why so many of us choose blue for a calming, for beauty, tranquility and peace.

By the by, aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

Blue Button

Colorful Bracelet, Millie

A whimsical bracelet for a fun day out.

Rose Quartz Bracelet, Pink Me Up

Soft sweet beautiful rose quartz crystals paired with smoky topaz rounds and  dark chocolate toho seed beads.  I wanted to energize this pink gemstone bracelet and decided on these gorgeously striking emerald green Preciosa® Czech pressed glass leaves for a pick-me-up look.  A cute brass ribbon and a Friends flower charm added  to complete it.

You can find this love bracelet at my Etsy shop.

Swarovski Bracelet, So Sweet A Love

I asked my daughter which colors reminds her of love.  This was the colors that my daughter chose - 
yellow, pink and green - in pastel tones. 
A combination that reminds you of sweetness, softness, happiness, amore......
I chose swarovski crystals for this bracelet as swarovski has a beautiful selection of colours and luster.  I finished the bracelet with a lovely heart charm with LOVE inscribed on it.
Dont you agree  that the bracelet sparkles beautifully?

Beaded Bangle Bracelet, Cobblestones

Isnt this pretty? 
The czech fire polished beads adds texture and the metallic seed beads really shines and glistens.

This design is courtesy of Mandy Duffy.
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