27 January 2015

Hematite Bracelet, Sea Glass Bracelet

I have been trying to create  a piece with these hematite rings for some time now.  They have been in and out of my stash box countless times and each time the pieces I designed left me unsatisfied with how they turned out.... However, this time....I am truly happy with this piece.

These frosted sea glass beads , which I purchased from FireSpirit, when combined with the hematite rings reminds me of the night sea glowing like molten silver by the moonlight....  The silver coated faceted Czech beads gives the hematite bracelet a little more silvery sheen.   To finish this aqua bracelet, I used a decorative black-toned oval toggle clasp.

Tidbits : Hematite means "blood stone" in Latin.  Strange, is it not, when we are more familiar with the polished and silvery grayish black hematite.  Hematite, it seems, in their natural form is red with rust as hematite is an iron oxide ore.  So that is how Hematite was called blood stone.

Blue Sea Glass Bracelet is now listed in my Etsy shop.

24 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Beaded Fish, Goldie

This beaded fish is Goldie, another fish bookmark from "The Fish Fry Club" series.

I decided that for this fish charm, I needed a different fish shape.  After trying a few different shapes (and after many discarded wire.....) I chose this one.  I like how the tail fin curls - like an inverted heart.   What do you think?  

I used metallic gold, silver and black miyuki seed beads - it makes this fish stands out beautifully.  After adding a black faceted Czech glass bead for the eye,  I experimented and added the Czech leaf charm to represent the fin of the fish and was happy that it fall nicely onto the fish.     To finish this beaded fish, I wire wrapped a black flower ( to complement the leaf) and dangle the fish onto a grayish-black metal bookmark.

Fish fact : The Chinese believed that the Fish symbolized "the wish for more" or "abundance", in the sense of more good luck, good fortune, long life and children.  A pair of fish represents unity and fidelity in marriage and are often given in the form of charms or figurines to a wedding couple.

I have listed this fish bookmark at my Etsy shop.

Fish Bookmark, Pretty Fish, Joey

Meet sweet Joey, the latest fish bookmark of the Fish Fry Club series.

The color was an inspiration from a stuffed rabbit toy of my daughter, which she named Joey.  So, thanks to Joey the Rabbit, Joey the Pretty Fish is born.  

To make this sea fish bookmark, I started by wire-wrapping a pretty pink acrylic flower with a black Chinese crystal onto a silver-plated metal bookmark with engraved flowers.  I handcrafted the fish frame from stainless steel artistic wire and beaded it with Miyuki seed beads.  To represent the fish eye, I used a gray glass bead which has a nice sheen on it and voila, it is done.

I really enjoy making this fish bookmark.  It lets my artistic expressions run wild....
You can see more of this fish bookmark over in my Etsy shop.

14 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Fish Charm, Orange and White Fish

I have just finished this beaded fish bookmark.  This beaded fish is the fist member of the Fish Fry Club.  I called him Neemo. It is an inspiration from the adorable clown fish from Disney's "Finding Nemo".  

I know that the clown fish is just orange and white but I love the way the mandarin orange color stands out against the cream, black and coffee color miyuki delica seed beads.  It really makes the beaded fish look so strikingly bright and colorful.

Just envision this colorful bookmark hanging outside the edge of the book you are reading or if it is on the table or your bookshelf, everyone will see this funky bookmark and it will definitely raise a smile or two...

If you are in love with this fish bookmark as I am, it is available at my Etsy shop now.

04 January 2015

Sea Glass Bracelet, Ladybug Bracelet, Blue and Brown

For the sea glass lovers...

and for the ladybug lovers.....

I bought these sea glass beads from FireSpirit a couple of years ago and never got to using them for what I intended to.  I finally took them out from my bead collection, sat down  and started playing with it and voila! - my blue sea glass bracelet with a ladybug.  

The ladybug is a mint Czech Picasso glass bead with copper inlay, which I bought from MayaHoney along with gold color Greek ceramic spacer beads which adds depth to the  bracelet.  The chalk turquoise beads adds a pop of color  and the silver tone heishi  beads provides a little glint and glimmer to this bracelet.  I secured it with a round brass-plated toggle clasp and added a pretty rose and leaf charm to it.

I like the blue and brown color scheme. It is a versatile color and would look good on a casual t-shirt and jeans day or stack it for the layer look.  Suggestion - Wear it with cream top and black pants and finished it with a brown/blue cropped jacket. 

This Ladybug Bracelet is available in my Etsy shop now.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

I made these for a friend's Christmas tree.  It was a last-minute project.  I wish I had more time to make more Christmas ornaments for the tree.  Enjoyed making these so much and my friend was so happy to receive them.  I planned to make more so that I could gift it to my other friends who celebrate Christmas.  
Project for 2015 :-  To start making a couple or more each month.  My target : 24 pieces.  Of course, if I make more then there is more to give....

Any suggestion of what should I start for this month?  Anyone?

01 January 2015


Wishing all of you a Happy New Year and love and laughter from this day and forever....

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