24 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Pretty Fish, Joey

Meet sweet Joey, the latest fish bookmark of the Fish Fry Club series.

The color was an inspiration from a stuffed rabbit toy of my daughter, which she named Joey.  So, thanks to Joey the Rabbit, Joey the Pretty Fish is born.  

To make this sea fish bookmark, I started by wire-wrapping a pretty pink acrylic flower with a black Chinese crystal onto a silver-plated metal bookmark with engraved flowers.  I handcrafted the fish frame from stainless steel artistic wire and beaded it with Miyuki seed beads.  To represent the fish eye, I used a gray glass bead which has a nice sheen on it and voila, it is done.

I really enjoy making this fish bookmark.  It lets my artistic expressions run wild....
You can see more of this fish bookmark over in my Etsy shop.

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