24 January 2014

Green Turquoise Bracelet, Yara

Turquoise has been considered a sacred gemstone for thousand of years.  The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and native Americans believed that turquoise protected the wearer from unnatural death and disaster.  
It is said that wearing turquoise jewelry is said to enhance wisdom, trust, kindness and understanding.

I loved the matrix pattern of  chalk turquoise and I wanted these greenish-brown turquoise to be the main focal attraction, hence the simplicity of this bracelet.  I finished it with a beautiful designed toggle clasp and made the dangles with bronze swarovski crystal pearls.

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Green Crystal Bracelet, Radiance

I have just listed this crystal bracelet at my Etsy shop.  This beaded bracelet is made of green opal chinese crystal framed with brilliant golden and silver chinese crystals with a round toggle clasp.  This is a simple bracelet for everyday wear that gives you a clean and delicate elegance.

Blue and White Bracelet, Winter Blue

Cool hued speckled beads, 
colors reminiscent of winter landscapes of icy quartz  and snowy moonstones, 
 to form a pretty blue and white bracelet.

Flower Bookmark - Where the Wild Flowers Grow, SOLD

Where the wild wild flowers grow 
cool clear water flows
There's a place 
that I've always love the best
When at last I lay me down
final peace and rest I've found
Take me on to my home
and there I'll rest

Boy Bookmarks - The Boys' Series, SOLD

14 January 2014

Flower Bookmark - Pretty Pink Roses

"Never let it rain, 
never let it rain on the heart of the
pretty pink roses"

Purple and Green Flowers, Metal Bookmark, Lilac Wine

Acrylic purple and green flowers with pretty color pearls dangling prettily from a flower etched metal bookmark.  

under a lilac tree
I made wine from the lilac tree
put my heart in its recipe
it makes me see what i want to see
and be what i want to be
when i think more than i want to think
i do things i never should do
Lilac Wine is sweet and heady
like my love.....

Bird Charm Bookmark, Rockin Robin, Sold

he rocks in the tree tops all day long 
singing his song
all the little birdies
love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet....

Metal Bookmarks



Swarovski Elements Pearl Bracelet, A String of Pearls

I used Swarovski crystal pearls of black, petrol, light blue and lavender colors.  Oh, dont you love the incredible luster the swarovski crystal pearls radiates?

Check this Swarovski Elements pearl bracelet at my Etsy shop.

"Pearls  - Beauty that arose out of pain" 

Beaded Bookmarks, Sold

"Sweet Genevieve!
In beauty's light you glide along
Your eye is like the star of eve
And sweet your voice, as seraph's song
Fair, as the bosom of the swan
That rises graceful over the wave"

Dragon Bookmark, Love Goes on, SOLD

A shooting star tumbles down
Its flame cannot endure
A scarlet rose withers brown
To lose its fragrant lure
The moon illuminates the nights
To vanish at dawn
Oh but love, love goes on....

Colorful Bookmarks - The Rainbow series

Beaded Bookmarks


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