14 November 2012

Golden Shadow

These bangles do look good altogether, dont they?


Winter Crystal

Amethyst and Carnelian Bracelet, Maegan Delight

Natural cut nuggets of amethyst, carnelian rounds and metallic blue seed beads finished with a carnelian colored button.

Did you know that the carnelian is a stone that were once considered strictly the property of the noble class?
Fortunately for us, it is now accessible for all! So keep a carnelian close to you for its beneficial properties.
It is an energy booster so wear this to find your inner strength.

Angel Bracelet, Angela, SOLD

Wire Wrapped Peridot Bracelet, Olivine

This wire wrapped peridot bracelet is fashioned from natural cut  peridot chips
and peridot teardops with copper wire.

Pearl Bookmark, Blellow-SOLD

Blellow is the name given to the color created by Reese of Malcom in the Middle when he mixed blue and yellow, otherwise known as green. 

Rose Quartz Bracelet, Amarylis, SOLD

The sweet pale pink tones of the rose quartz step out of the background and takes a centerstage in this pink gemstone bracelet.

Materials used :  Rose quartz, black diamond swarovski, hematite rounds with an angel charm

Multi Gemstone Bracelet, Yuki Onna

For fans of anime Nura : The Rise of The Yokai Clan, this is a tribute to the beautiful character, Yuki Onna. 

For Yuki, I used natural rondelles of carnelian, amethyst and peridot. 
As for Onna, it is a strand of multi colored tiny agates.
It can be worn altogether with a brass chain, and it will look good with a white t-shirt and blue jeans.
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