31 December 2010

Antique Black & White Affair

Back view

Turquoise Blue Jade Necklace, Mountain Jade Necklace, Flower of Pandora

The turquoise blue of this mountain jade necklace reminded me of the blue beings from the movie Avatar.  

This turquoise blue jade necklace was made  to
complement the Pandora bracelet.

Sea Sediment Jasper

Jasper comes from the Greek and means 'spotted stone'.  The sea sediment jasper stone has its mystery.  Not much is known about it.
It doesnt matter to me as I think it is beautiful in its own natural way.

Floral Seashell Bracelet, Burgundy Blossom

Natural printed seashell focal burgundy flower coin teamed up with clusters of red coral and jet swarovski bicones finished with fancy toggle clasp.
Price  :  RM50
This includes shipping and gift box
Finished Size :  6.5"

Luster Rose

Mookaite Jasper pendant matched with faceted fire polished czech beads

Bugle Bead Bracelet, Purple Reign

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Rose Garden

Creamy pearl roses woven with jet and olivine swarovski bicones .

It is now listed in my Etsy shop.


This can be hooked around a handbag or phone.
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