30 May 2012

Pink Bookmark, Rosy's Blush-SOLD

My daughter has a sweet stuffed baby rabbit toy that has this beautiful blush and the soft pink on this beautiful lampwork bead reminded me so much of that blush.  I thought it would be most appropriate to name this piece Rosy's Blush as it was the blush that gave the baby rabbit's name - Rosy.

Metal Bookmark, A Day At The Circus, SOLD

I dont know why but this reminded me so much of the circus; the balloons, the colours........
Hence the name for this piece

13 May 2012

Darkness & Ice

Materials used : Silver, montana blue and jet black chinese crystals

I love this combination of colors.  A smoldering look from the blend of colors of silver, grey, black and gold.  A representation of the colors of metals, hot and cold.


Pink Bookmark, Pink Cosmic-SOLD


I used naturally variegated turquoise and mother-of-shell rondelles along with brass beads, heart toggle clasp and charm.  I find it has this wear-everywhere appeal.

11 May 2012


Made with green emerald aventurine rondelles, czech beads and brass toggle.


Aquamarine chips, swarovski crystal pearls and crystal donuts.

This is from my sister's bracelet of aquamarine chips that needed some repair.  I hope she does not mind that I have redesigned it to a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

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