15 November 2011

Flower Charm Bracelet, Spring is here

I love flowers and the idea of having it around me was heady.  So I made this with my favourite colors and voila, My Spring is here!!!!!


I like the way the dark gold swarovski pearls and smoky topaz paired off.  Gives a vintage-like look to the whole piece.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, Flower Power

Really pretty, isnt it?


I used red with streaks of grey and black czech preciosa beads with 24k gold plated precious seed beads beads.  I love the way the colors makes the pendant look so warm and sexy.

Pearl Beaded Bracelet, Angelique

Swarovski white pearls paired with silver colored czech preciosa druk beads and rainbow pink beads finished with a pewter button I bought many a years ago as a clasp to complete it.

Black and Gold Bracelet, Bejeweled

I wanted the piece looking like antique, hence the pale gold with black agate and I finished it with a brass heart shape clasp.
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