26 December 2009

Brass Bracelet, Multi Strand Bracelet, Bronze Delights

This brass bracelet is made with brass metal parts which is super light weight.  I added two different sizes of faceted black agate beads and completed the multi strand bracelet with a silver box clasp.

Crystal Brooch, Swarovski Flower Brooch

This crystal brooch has been in my to-do box uncompleted for many months. 

  I was hit by the cleaning bug today morning and decided no more procrastinating and finally my Swarovski flower brooch  is completed.

The brooch is  constructed with Swarovski crystal bicones in shades of pink.
I named it Rosa as it means beauty ( in Spanish).
It really is a beauty, eh?

25 December 2009

Blue Glass Cluster Bracelet, Blue Charm Bracelet

Intensely blue. The blue in this blue glass cluster bracelet reminds me of the color of the sea and sky; tranquil, calming yet it brightens up the mood - energizing!

The blue charm bracelet is secured with a round toggle and measures at  almost 7 inches.


19 December 2009


I know, i know - this is out of my topic but I just cant help it.  I took time off to watch Avatar by James Cameron with my son and it was totally mind-blowing.  He created another world another species of being with their own language and beliefs. The movie was awesome.  To quote my son " the best movie for 2009".  Go and watch it.  I am going to get the dvd and watch it again and maybe again.


Autumn Cross

I love the earth tone colours and this is one of my favourite pieces that I love to put on when the rest of my crystals dont "speak" to me.  Ever had one of those days?  I made this to complement my Autumn Bracelet and I am glad I made it as I had so many complementing on it.  A big smile on my heart.....

Tourmaline Bracelet

I have always loved tourmaline.  Its the color that just invites you to touch it and marvel at it.  I had these chips from a reliable crystal supplier whom I have always visit when I need to find an AAA quality crystal for my personal collection.  A little pricey but always beautiful pieces that I cant resist.  Mmmm....

Valentine - Sold

18 December 2009

Red Swarovski Elements Bracelet, Flower Crystal Bracelet

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas but time, where have you gone?

All these gemstones waiting to be worn.  Cant wait to start on it. Ideas running around in my mind... now to have my time, my own time, to really have absolute time of my own to start on it. 

The Cross Collection

The fuchsia colored cross pendant is the only one available.

Love's Heart-Sold

The Pink Collection

These were made upon request from a friend who wanted a pink coloured pendant as a christmas gift.  I made several designs for her to choose.  She finally decided on the Valentine and I made a chain out of silvery seed beads to complete it.

Shan- Sold

Made 2 of these for a friend's young nieces christmas gift.  Hope they like it.

Metal Charm Bracelet, Charm Chain Bracelet, Hands & Feet To The Ball

I bought the Hi-Five hand charms and kept it aside for some time.  Finally saw the little bare feet charms and decided to pair them to make this metal charm bracelet.

 I added several 925 silver beads and butterfly toggle to finished the charm chain bracelet.

Was reading "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" (a fairy tale by The Grimm Brothers) to my little girl some night ago and the poor tired feet of the princesses after the ball came to  mind and hence the name of this piece - Hands & Feet to the Ball.
I know, i know - what a weird name... well, i am weird too.... cant help it...it is in the genes!!

13 December 2009

Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace, Harmony

This is a variation from A Pair of Rose Necklace, a Swarovski pearl and crystal necklace too.

  I used turquoise Swarovski bicones and crystal pearls matched with copper coloured seed beads for a "cooler" feel.

Ring Of The Dead

A little gothic for my taste but my daughter just loved it. 

Swarovski Elements Brooch, Cleo

This is my first brooch.

Elegant Bag-Sold

This could be used as a pendant or even for a key chain. I used swarovski bicones and silver beads for this cutesy bag.  It has a short and delicate silver link to hang from.
This include shipping and gift bag.

Midnight Tears, Sold

I finally got to steal time to design this piece.  I used brazilian sodalite nuggets coupled with silver spacers with leather cord for this necklace.  The dark blue of the sodalite nuggets reminded me of the darkness of the night.

12 December 2009

11 December 2009

Boy meets girl

Arent they so cute?  Just got these too along with some other silver charms.  Have not the chance to snap photos of the others but  I cant wait to start on some charm bracelet!  Now for some time to steal.....

A Time to Steal

I managed to steal some time to take some photos of the beads and gemstones that I purchased recently. 

I think they are very pretty.  Dont ya?

Shine & Shimmer-Sold

This includes shipping and gift box.

Cascade, Sold

Price :  RM28
This includes shipping and gift box.

08 December 2009

Vintage Influence

I like vintage style jewelry and since I cannot afford those beauties I decided to make one.  This necklace is fashioned  such and the colours faithfully reproduce to mimic that era.  Do you think I have succeeded?

Sweetheart - Sold

This was complemented with Heart of The Ocean Necklace.  It would be a great idea for Valentine's Day.


I love this dragon head pendant.  Dragon is an ancient mythical creature known for their potent power, mystery and luck and may all that wonderful traits befall on me when I put it on, eh?

Black Starz

This includes shipping and gift box.

01 December 2009

A Long Week

This has been a long long week and have not been able to do any serious beading, except in my mind of course.  Recently purchased some gemstones and cant wait to really start on them.  Too many ideas too little time. I believed that is what many lovers of beading would chant out.  Any votes for that?

19 November 2009


Price :  RM60
This includes shipping and gift box.
Finished Size : 6"

18 November 2009

Rainbow Bracelet, Coloful Swarovski Bracelet

This colorful Swarovski bracelet is fashioned from the ever shining Swarovski crystals.   I used fuchsia pink, light pink, light siam red, crystal clear and peridot to create this rainbow bracelet.
A silver-plated textured heart toggle completes it.

Dolphin Bracelet, Sea Charm Bracelet

This  sea charm bracelet has dusky purple Czech glass dolphin charm dangling on a gunmetal chain.    The beads catches the light beautifully with every movement of the wrist.  I used  swirly silver-plated findings to give the dolphin bracelet an extra sparkle.  It fits comfortably on the wrist. This charm bracelet is finished with a  textured round silver- plated toggle clasp.
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