19 December 2009

Tourmaline Bracelet

This tourmaline bracelet is from my collection of jewelry.

I have always loved tourmaline.  Its the beautiful rainbow of color from deep pink to light green.  It just invites you to touch it and marvel at its incredible color.  I had these chips from a reliable crystal supplier whom I have always visit when I needed to find an AAA quality crystal for my very personal collection.  A little pricey but always beautiful pieces that I cant resist.  

My supplier told me that because tourmaline are normally traded by weight, the drill holes are usually made small to keep the carat weight up.  It is no wonder that I find it almost impossible to use them in  any bead woven patterns.


  1. i love tourmaline too.the colour is beatiful.plus ur creation!

  2. Thank you dear. It is nice to hear from u again.


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