15 December 2015

To be or not to be.....

Since my last post, I have been struggling with myself.  I cant seem to get to creating anything. Either it was the wrong color or bead.  I would have the idea in my head but I could not seem to be satisfied with the result.  I have now a basket full of half done pieces......

What do you do when you are having the beader's block?

10 October 2015

Peachy Pink Bracelet, Cluster Bracelet, Beaded Charm Bracelet

This peachy pink bracelet is cheerful, charming and a sure way to brighten up your day.

I fell in love with the these colors, which were inspired from a bouquet of flowers
I saw at a flower shop.  

The owl charm really complete the outlook of this beaded charm bracelet.

I made this cluster bracelet some time ago but was not able to post them in time after I listed them at my Etsy shop.  After recovering from bronchitis, I just didnt have the motivation to do much.  I was slacking  and I let it dragged on....  Really need to get my engine running again!!!

27 August 2015

Peridot Bracelet, Green Gemstone Bracelet, Cluster Bracelet

I love the vivid green of the Peridot which has just a slight hint of yellow.  It is the ideal gemstone color to go with summer and no wonder, as Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August.  You will notice too that the fashion world has started to rediscover green and falling in love with it all over again.

So what better way to celebrate August - make a peridot bracelet!!! And what a better way to use my stash of peridot chips I bought years ago.  

The green peridot chips are carefully and individually wire wrapped onto a brass-plated chainlink.  I added some Czech lavender flower and round beads for a little color.  Like walking through a meadow with little wild purple flowers.  A place with butterflies and dragonfly flitting by....  Heavenly!

I shall name this My Dream Meadow :-
in the meadow of my dream
i smell of joy
in the meadow of my heart
i dream of love

I found a pretty brass plated flower toggle clasp to complete this beautiful cluster bracelet.  

Since there were some leftover chips, I made a pair of cluster earrings for this green gemstone bracelet.

Hop over to my Etsy shop for these beauties.

26 August 2015

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Pearl and Glass Bracelet, Brown Glass Bracelet

For this pearl and glass bracelet, I used some of these lovely honey brown glass beads that were given to me by my mother. 

The beautiful sheen of white Swarovski Elements crystal baroque pearls pairs beautifully with the brown glass beads in this Swarovski Pearl Bracelet. I added gunmetal heishi beads, some smaller Swarovski crystal and pearls for added structure and depth to the brown glass bracelet.

I found an antique-looking gold plated toggle clasp that reminded me of victorian scrollwork to secure this baroque pearl bracelet.  Likey like the whole look of this design.

You can find this beauty at my Etsy shop.

28 June 2015

White Flower Bracelet, Bohemian Bracelet, Boho Chic

I originally started on making a bracelet of white flower in a row....but that didnt quite work.    Will have to sit and re-think it.  So I decided for something a little simpler.

This white flower bracelet was inspired by my love for bohemian jewelry.  I love making bohemian bracelet as bohemian for me, means a style that is free spirited.   Nothing has to match.  Boho chic fashion always reminds me of the 1960s -1970s flower child fashion. When hippiedom and psychedelia were at their peak.    I love the casual, relaxed lifestyle it reflected. 

I realized, for this design, I wanted muted colors and the oval Czech Preciosa lavender beads and pale orange cats eye pairs  beautifully with the off white polymer clay flower bead.  The beautiful white flower was purchased from an amazing artisan, Elaine, from Canada who uses polymer clay to make little pieces of art.   For a splash of color, I added a darker purple,  red and brown wooden beads.  The metallic bronze leaf charms gives the nature inspired bracelet a little drama.
This boho chic beaded bracelet is available in my Etsy shop now.

White little flower swaying with the breeze
Laughed with joy with the sun
Danced happily with the rain
Gazed longingly at the Moon
Dreamed with the twinkling stars
Happy she was, this little white flower....  

by A.Nair

13 June 2015

Flower bracelet, Colorful bracelet, Multi Color Bracelet

 My daughter saw these acrylic flowers while I was making my “Spring is Here” bookmark series.  She loved the colors and asked whether I could make her a bracelet with it.  Of course, I would make one for my baby - and I must say that the flower bracelet is as colorful as a Spring bouquet

I wanted the flowers to lay flat against the wrist and getting it to lay flat needed some adjustment.  I could not use the normal wire wrapping and I did not like the way the cord laid across the flowers.  After several ideas were thrown into the bin, I finally like how this bracelet turns out.

As the flowers are acrylic, this colorful bracelet is super lightweight and fits comfortably on the wrist.

And I am glad to say that this multi color bracelet has been seen on her wrist on many occasions.

12 June 2015

Black Pearl Bracelet, Swarovski Elements Charm Bracelet

I am a lover of the color black; no other color can be so elegant and classy.   Like this black pearl bracelet, it gives any ensemble a chic, sophisticated finish.

Unlike the other pink and blue pearl charm bracelet, I love the combination of Swarovski pearls and crystals in this Swarovski bracelet.  It is truly a match made in heaven. Do I hear any angels singing……?  :D

I used varying sizes of the crystal and pearls and wire wrapped them along a gunmetal plated chain.  A trio of shimmering crystal pave adds a subtle sparkle in this cluster bracelet.

An easy to fasten oval gunmetal toggle clasp secures this charming Swarovski Elements charm bracelet.  

This black beauty is now listed in my Etsy shop.

06 June 2015

Pearl Charm Bracelet, Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Heart Charm Bracelet

I am going gaga over pearl charm bracelets at the moment. After my daughter’s charm bracelet, I wanted a simply sweeter version.  Hence, this Swarovski pearl bracelet creation…..

 I chose Swarovski crystal pearls for their beautiful luster and sparkle for this pearl bracelet.  The glossy petrol, sweet powder rose and lavender colors were perfect for the soft feminine look of this cluster bracelet.

I added several silver plated heart charms with fleur de lis design and small heart drops for some drama.  You know how we ladies love our heart motifs as hearts have always been associated with love and affection.  
To complete the heart charm bracelet, I secured it with a lovely silver plated rose toggle clasp.

 To top it all off, a gothic heart charm was added to the end of this Swarovki Elements bracelet.

You can find this pearl jewelry at my Etsy shop.

Now, you might be wondering why these two photos are so different from the first two.  Well, these two photos were taken with my Photojojo Foldio; a foldable lightbox, which I purchased some time ago and I am still struggling with it.  I am not that happy with how the photos turned out.  What do you think?  

21 May 2015

Charm bracelet, Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

Some time ago, my daughter and I found a small booth selling brass charms and decided to pick some to make a charm bracelet for each of us. My daughter loves charm bracelet; she likes the ones that go jingling and jangling with every movement.   I don’t know why but I too love the enduring charming appeal of this jingly bracelet. It works magic – it can be feminine or funny, glamorous or girlish, classic or whimsical and still make a statement.  I personally love the soft jingle and jangle the charm bracelet makes when it is in motion and I love to examine each quirky charms dangling from it. 

This is my daughter's beaded charm bracelet.....

I wanted to create a vintage-style look, so I went for beads of neutral colors such as the remarkable color of  Swarovski Elements’ beautiful golden shadow, pearly white Swarovski Elements’ crystal pearl, clear Chinese crystal rondelles  and Czech Preciosa pearl-coated druk beads to match the brass chainlink and charms.  

This pretty Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet will definitely be the perfect accessory for her next daytime outing with her friends!

10 May 2015

Flower Bookmark, Spring Bookmark, Pearl and Flower

 Spring arrives and is the time for new beginnings and fresh ideas.  To me, Spring means more colors surround us,  Flowers blooming everywhere and seeing the leaves on trees turning a beautiful new green ....

To celebrate the Spring season, I started this "Spring is Here!" flower bookmark series.  

I LOVE flowers.  I love the colors, the shapes and the beauty of it.  I love the way it makes me feel when I look at flowers.  I love the way it has a wonderful fragrance of its own.  I love the way it naturally grow.  I love that it can grow anywhere the seed lands.  AND, most of all, I love the way it inspires me.

Flowers make me smile....I guess that is one of the reason why women love it so much.  And when it comes from someone we love, it means so much more, as we know they care that even a single stem of rose or a small bouquet of wild flowers makes us happy.

I know I am not finished with Spring and flowers and how they make me feel after each  pearl and flower bookmark is completed, as I have a couple more on my work table but for now, you can find these pretty spring bookmarks at my Etsy shop.

Fact :  Study shows that if you keep a vase of flowers at your work, looking at them in the morning, will reduce stress and anxiety at work.  

22 February 2015

Czech Blue Bead Bird Charm Bracelet, Blue and Brown Link Bracelet, Fly Robin Fly

I made this Czech blue bead bird charm bracelet for my young niece who is a lover of all blue.  

I added some brown Swarovski Elements crystal to this link bracelet  for color. Blue and brown is one of my favorite color scheme as they go so well together.  I added an adorable bird charm to capture the whimsical look...

I love the pairing of warm dark color with a cool light color, just like black and white does with each other - a match made in heaven! 

Fly Robin Fly.....
travel far and wide.....
see the wonder of the world and 
savor each moment as it passes,
embrace all that life has to offer,
celebrate everyday with joy!

20 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing all a very Happy Chinese New Year!!!

May the year of the Goat brings joy, peace, luck and prosperity!!!

18 February 2015

Fluorite Bracelet, Flower Bracelet, Celebration

This fluorite bracelet was made to celebrate every moment of the good times, the laughter.....
those special moments in our life...

I dont often use such light pastel colors, but every so often, 
all the colors are a match in heaven and 
all the beads just fall in place.
I am pretty pleased with how this flower bracelet turned out.

Flowers always makes me happy and reminds me of fresh, new and growth and are almost always flowers are present during a celebration. So I added the flower and leaf to the wire wrapped green and purple fluorite which framed the antiqued silver plated pewter oval link. Amethyst and chrysoprase Swarovski Elements crystals dangles prettily in between the fluorites. I finished the celebration bracelet with a decorative round toggle clasp and added a fairly sized maple leaf charm to complete the nature inspired bracelet.

Remember this song? Celebration by Kool & the Gang

"Celebrate good times, come on!
Let's celebrate

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate and party with you

Come on now, celebration
Let's all celebrate and have a good time

14 February 2015

Wire Wrapped Bracelet, Amethyst Bracelet

 I made this wire wrapped bracelet for my eldest sister who is coming home for a month's vacation.  Cant wait to see her....

These amethyst gemstones have been in my stash for awhile and decided I would make a pretty amethyst bracelet for a welcome home gift.  She loves wire wrapped bracelet and so I decided to have a go at it.  As it is, I am still trying to master wire-wrapping  so I went looking through some tutorial and found this "simple" (I thought it was) wire wrapping style.    And oh boy!!!!!the amount of wire discarded could break the bank ....

After many attempts.....

I know....I need more practice.  

I hope she likes it though......

08 February 2015

Blue Glass Bead Bracelet, Purple Crystal Pave

A beautiful blue glass bead bracelet with a purple crystal pave bead, especially made for someone dear.

My mum gave me these amazing blue glass beads while clearing out the drawer and said to me - "here, take these and go  make something pretty".  And, with my niece birthday coming, I thought these would make a pretty nice gift and she loves anything with blue....

With this bead in and the other bead out from my bead collection, I finally decided that this color scheme of purple, blue and green would make a pretty bracelet for my young and beautiful niece. What do you think of the result?

A purple crystal pave for a little bit of sparkle and purple amethyst, peridot and dark gold seed beads to a add a little bit of color to the blue glass beads.  I added a little brass rose charm before securing it with a decorative heart toggle.

Sadly, I had some issue taking pictures of this little blue beauty.  This was the best picture among so many I took. Sigh...... I really need to get some lessons in photography.... This picture really does not do justice to the real thing...

27 January 2015

Hematite Bracelet, Sea Glass Bracelet

I have been trying to create  a piece with these hematite rings for some time now.  They have been in and out of my stash box countless times and each time the pieces I designed left me unsatisfied with how they turned out.... However, this time....I am truly happy with this piece.

These frosted sea glass beads , which I purchased from FireSpirit, when combined with the hematite rings reminds me of the night sea glowing like molten silver by the moonlight....  The silver coated faceted Czech beads gives the hematite bracelet a little more silvery sheen.   To finish this aqua bracelet, I used a decorative black-toned oval toggle clasp.

Tidbits : Hematite means "blood stone" in Latin.  Strange, is it not, when we are more familiar with the polished and silvery grayish black hematite.  Hematite, it seems, in their natural form is red with rust as hematite is an iron oxide ore.  So that is how Hematite was called blood stone.

Blue Sea Glass Bracelet is now listed in my Etsy shop.

24 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Beaded Fish, Goldie

This beaded fish is Goldie, another fish bookmark from "The Fish Fry Club" series.

I decided that for this fish charm, I needed a different fish shape.  After trying a few different shapes (and after many discarded wire.....) I chose this one.  I like how the tail fin curls - like an inverted heart.   What do you think?  

I used metallic gold, silver and black miyuki seed beads - it makes this fish stands out beautifully.  After adding a black faceted Czech glass bead for the eye,  I experimented and added the Czech leaf charm to represent the fin of the fish and was happy that it fall nicely onto the fish.     To finish this beaded fish, I wire wrapped a black flower ( to complement the leaf) and dangle the fish onto a grayish-black metal bookmark.

Fish fact : The Chinese believed that the Fish symbolized "the wish for more" or "abundance", in the sense of more good luck, good fortune, long life and children.  A pair of fish represents unity and fidelity in marriage and are often given in the form of charms or figurines to a wedding couple.

I have listed this fish bookmark at my Etsy shop.
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