08 February 2015

Blue Glass Bead Bracelet, Purple Crystal Pave

A beautiful blue glass bead bracelet with a purple crystal pave bead, especially made for someone dear.

My mum gave me these amazing blue glass beads while clearing out the drawer and said to me - "here, take these and go  make something pretty".  And, with my niece birthday coming, I thought these would make a pretty nice gift and she loves anything with blue....

With this bead in and the other bead out from my bead collection, I finally decided that this color scheme of purple, blue and green would make a pretty bracelet for my young and beautiful niece. What do you think of the result?

A purple crystal pave for a little bit of sparkle and purple amethyst, peridot and dark gold seed beads to a add a little bit of color to the blue glass beads.  I added a little brass rose charm before securing it with a decorative heart toggle.

Sadly, I had some issue taking pictures of this little blue beauty.  This was the best picture among so many I took. Sigh...... I really need to get some lessons in photography.... This picture really does not do justice to the real thing...

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