15 August 2010

Another Twirl

A gift from my dear sister.
Bloodstone is excellent protective stone as it is an energy cleanser which helps keep out undesirable influences.  Stimulates dreaming and a powerful revitaliser.  Gives courage & teaches how to avoid dangerous situations and assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances.

The Other Violetta

Made to match my Violetta necklace. 

Mr Hoot

I saw this owl pendant at a fair and felt it needed a home.  Hope Mr Hoot likes his new perch.


I used the natural seashell rondell beads, silver beads and millefiori glass beads to complement the mother-of-pearl focal pendant.


Price : RM18
This includes shipping and gift box.

Silver Comet-Sold

These dramatic looking earrings are made with swarovski bicones.
 Price : RM36
This includes shipping and gift box.

Howlite Opulence

Howlite is a super-calming stone and many people used it to relieve stress of all kinds.  Something we all need in this hectic world, hmm???
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