31 May 2013

Blue and White Glass Bracelet, Isla

A very simple blue and white glass bracelet and yet I am totally pleased with it. 

My sister bought these blue and white striped beads from Australia and when I saw the glass beads the first time, I will be honest to say that it was not likey-like at first sight.  It took some sitting and staring and cursing before an inspiration came to me..... Hallelujah!!!!

The blue and white glass beads reminded me of the color of the sailor's uniform and I didnt want to go for the blue and white theme too much.  So I added the brilliant pink and green seed bead  and look how amazing it makes the blue and white bead's color pop.  The copper color of the lock and key charms and toggle clasp completes the glass bracelet so well.

Metal Bookmarks - SOLD

Unique Bookmarks-SOLD

Crystal Bookmark, Circee

15 May 2013

Red Flower Bracelet, Camellia

This red flower bracelet is perfect for adding some color to your wardrobe.

Silver Tube Wrap Bracelet, Silverlight

This is a silver tube wrap bracelet that can be coiled twice around your wrist.  It can be worn stacked with other bracelets or as it is for any look you desire.

To me, the main appeal of a wrap bracelet is that it looks like I am wearing mutiple bracelets.  Add with an array of other bracelets and it is another fashion style.  So effectively, I am getting more than my money's worth.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, Georgia

A little razzle and dazzle for this beautiful sparkling bracelet.

Design courtesy of Georgia Scardini.

Unique Bookmarks - SOLD

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