27 July 2011


Black stripes agate pendant with leather cord for a necklace that is simple yet elegant.

26 July 2011

Silver Leaf

Man, Woman, Love

For where you go, i will go. 
Where you stay I will stay.
Till death do us part.

Legacy, Sold

I love the deep color of the burgundy czech pearls

Royal Flower

This was inspired by vintage jewelry design that I saw in a magazine. 
The vintage style black focal with gold inlaid and jet swarovski pendant  hanging from the front fastening of the golden colored dotted round  clasp with black & gold seed beads with brass chain.

Quartz Bracelet, Cloudy with a Silver Lining, SOLD

Nugget quartz connected with handmade swirls connectors.

The Yellow Necklace

I used yellow flourite and lemon quartz for this piece.  The brass chain gives a vintage look. 
 It has a calm, relaxing effect as flourite is used to give order to chaos.  It can also absorb the discordant energies we know as stress. 

Red and Purple Pearl Bracelet,Another Legacy

Used burgundy and purple czech pearl glass beads with black diamond swarovski crystals and finished off with a silver heart charm.

Red and Green Beaded Bracelet, Anchara

Beautiful olivine and tangerine czech glass beads weaved with swarovski crystals to make this delightful red and green beaded bracelet.

Black Beaded Bracelet, Swarovski Crystal Bracelet,

The metal beads adds the extra sparkle to this amazing black Swarovski crystal bracelet. 

I saw this bracelet pattern and couldnt resist making one for myself.  It is one of my favorite as it makes any ensemble I have on looks good and all the colors of this beaded bracelet is my favorite.

It is most comfortable and light weight.

Design courtesy of Samantha Mitchell

De Fleur

The lovely flower motif has a light gold to form the centre of the flower.  It looks beautiful from any angle.

Project for a brooch.
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