31 December 2010

Antique Black & White Affair

Back view

Flower of Pandora

The Flower of Pandora, a reminiscent of the movie Avatar, made from
aquamarine vintage jade to
complement the Pandora bracelet.

Sea Sediment Jasper

Jasper comes from the Greek and means 'spotted stone'.  The sea sediment jasper stone has its mystery.  Not much is known about it.
It doesnt matter to me as I think it is beautiful in its own natural way.

Floral Seashell Bracelet, Burgundy Blossom

Natural printed seashell focal burgundy flower coin teamed up with clusters of red coral and jet swarovski bicones finished with fancy toggle clasp.
Price  :  RM50
This includes shipping and gift box
Finished Size :  6.5"

Luster Rose

Mookaite Jasper pendant matched with faceted fire polished czech beads

Bugle Bead Bracelet, Purple Reign

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Rose Garden

Creamy pearl roses woven with jet and olivine swarovski bicones .

It is now listed in my Etsy shop.


This can be hooked around a handbag or phone.

11 September 2010

I am back

Finally, I get to sit down to some serious beading and in the process, "break" my sore aching back.  Nothing is won without any pain and I will take a sore back anytime as long as I can bead, bead, bead and bead....  He..he..he..... Now if I can only think of a way to get the house cleaned, meals cooked, clothes washed, ironed and folded without having to leave my beads, I will be in heaven then!!!!!

The First Tree

This is just a practise run on my first Tree of Life pendant.  Need lots of practise...... but I will get the hang of it.  No pain no gain... right?

What Goes Around, Comes Around .....

This is a karma bracelet.  We are to wear this to remind us to keep the circle positve, peaceful and loving.  As the title goes, what goes around comes around........

Black N Gold

Bangles are the craze in the fashion world and I thought it was time I get on the groove with it too. The  black and gold teams up to make a classy and classic set.

Just need to learn to take a good photo of my creations.  Sigh.....
Better photo?

Simply Mine

Green is the colour of nature and growth.  Fresh, peace and harmony.
I felt the Labrodite pendant combined with the round bloodstones finished with brass findings used in this set of necklace and bracelet represent what I needed in my little space in this world. 

A Little Something

I used light cobalt  coloured flecky accent lampwork beads and amethyst swarovski rounds framed with brass coloured findings for a timeless look. 

A Little Faith

All we need is a little faith and that is one of the most difficult thing to do in our busy materialistic world.  So here's one more little push for all of us, eh?

Twisted Pair

15 August 2010

Another Twirl

A gift from my dear sister.
Bloodstone is excellent protective stone as it is an energy cleanser which helps keep out undesirable influences.  Stimulates dreaming and a powerful revitaliser.  Gives courage & teaches how to avoid dangerous situations and assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances.

The Other Violetta

Made to match my Violetta necklace. 

Mr Hoot

I saw this owl pendant at a fair and felt it needed a home.  Hope Mr Hoot likes his new perch.


I used the natural seashell rondell beads, silver beads and millefiori glass beads to complement the mother-of-pearl focal pendant.


Price : RM18
This includes shipping and gift box.

Silver Comet-Sold

These dramatic looking earrings are made with swarovski bicones.
 Price : RM36
This includes shipping and gift box.

Howlite Opulence

Howlite is a super-calming stone and many people used it to relieve stress of all kinds.  Something we all need in this hectic world, hmm???

15 April 2010

Swirl a Lot

Brass wire coils interlaced with dark green & white millefiori beads. 
I like the earthy combination.

Simply Red

I find that the swarovski siam crystals and peridot chips made to look like little buds of flowers 
with the gold plated chain and clasp harmonizes perfectly.

Pretty in Purple

I used amethyst rounds with silver curved tube to make this simple yet sweet bracelet.

Pandora, SOLD

The aquamarine vintage jade look so cool with the silver spacers. 
Price :  RM50
This includes shipping and gift box.
Finished Size : 6"


Blue Blooms

Something sweet, anyone?  
The flower charms are swarovski with sapphire bicones. 

Day & Night

For this piece, I used natural seashell rondelle beads with czech fire polished faceted black beads and bali silver spacers.

06 January 2010

Twirling In Darkness

My sister bought this onyx pendant for me.  Isnt it beautiful?
Properties of onyx :  Strength-giving provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and in ties of enormous mental or physical stress.  Centering your energy and aligning it to higher guidance.  Facilitates being master of one's destiny.  Promotes vigour, steadfastness and stamina.  Aids in learning lessons, imparting self-confidence and helping one to be at ease.
Wow, do I need all that! Thanks "Tigger".

Brash n Brassy

A simple elegant bracelet that will quickly become a go-to favourite.

Price :  RM38
This includes shipping and gift box.
Finished size :  6"

Coil N Swirl

I think this is gonna look great with jeans. 
Made with czech beads and brown leather cord.
Finished size : 6"

05 January 2010


I have this urge to do some beading now, NOW, NOW, NOW but I have to be at the office.  Aargh!!!!  Anyone feeling like this?  I have colours, sizes and lengths buzzing in my head, not numbers and words!  I will be counting the hours today. What agony ......  Help.........

03 January 2010


I used Czech beads along with crystal and rhinestone rondelles, bugle beads and swarovski rounds.  The lilcac colour base creates a romantic setting.

Nature's Wonder

Anyone interested to have a little nature's wonder at hand?


I love the colour violet.  Flowers in that colour everywhere in my house.  So made this to have a little of that colour on me.  Anyway, violet is believe to be the colour of the spiritual, the sacred and the mysterious. I would love to have a dash of all that. Hmm...

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