15 April 2010

Turquoise Blue Jade Bracelet, Mountain Jade Bracelet, Pandora

This lively turquoise blue jade  bracelet look so sleek cool with the silver spacers.

The turquoise blue beads are mountain "jade", which is a high-grade naturally dyed dolomite marble from Asia.  It comes in many colors such as dark green, coral red, lapis lazuli blue and etc.  However, I fell for this bright and vivid blue color.  Isnt it gorgeous?

For this mountain jade bracelet, I decided to use a decorative s-hook for accent.  For balance and added embellishment, I added a beaded dangle of the blue jade bead and included a lovely open silver flower charm.

Blue and glistening silver has always been the perfect combination.  It gives a modern look that sparkle and shines...

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