17 February 2012

Midnight Romance

Elaborated in brass beads and jet black crystals, this necklace makes an elegant design for any outfit.  

I was watching Downtown Abbey and the beautiful ladies wore elegant pieces of  jewelry that really inspired me.  I have always loved those era of jewelry designs. Hmm.....

Multi Gemstone Bracelet, Being Whimsical

A colourful bracelet using a selection of natural gemstones;
used in this order: green onyx, apatite, amethyst, carnelian, hessonite, lolite

Pearl Chain Link Bracelet, Alisiera

06 February 2012

Ongoing project

Wanted to do this for a bookmark, not sure yet how .....
What do you think?

Flower Bookmark, Summer's Flower, Sold

The summer's flower is to the summer sweet
Though to itself it only live and die......William Shakespeare

but not this one though, hmm.....

Dragon Bookmark, Dragon's Flower, Sold

A dragon for a dragon year born.

Green and Black Bracelet, Emerald Drops

Materials used : Preciosa Czech pressed glass druk emerald green beads with black seed beads

Loved the green....

Amethyst Set

Materials used : Amethyst rounds with matsuno 925 sterling silver plated seed beads.

Amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethystos meaning non-intoxicating, ergo most commonly used to prevent drunkenness.  It is also believed to bring good luck and success to the wearer.
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