27 January 2015

Hematite Bracelet, Sea Glass Bracelet

I have been trying to create  a piece with these hematite rings for some time now.  They have been in and out of my stash box countless times and each time the pieces I designed left me unsatisfied with how they turned out.... However, this time....I am truly happy with this piece.

These frosted sea glass beads , which I purchased from FireSpirit, when combined with the hematite rings reminds me of the night sea glowing like molten silver by the moonlight....  The silver coated faceted Czech beads gives the hematite bracelet a little more silvery sheen.   To finish this aqua bracelet, I used a decorative black-toned oval toggle clasp.

Tidbits : Hematite means "blood stone" in Latin.  Strange, is it not, when we are more familiar with the polished and silvery grayish black hematite.  Hematite, it seems, in their natural form is red with rust as hematite is an iron oxide ore.  So that is how Hematite was called blood stone.

Blue Sea Glass Bracelet is now listed in my Etsy shop.

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