24 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Beaded Fish, Goldie

This beaded fish is Goldie, another fish bookmark from "The Fish Fry Club" series.

I decided that for this fish charm, I needed a different fish shape.  After trying a few different shapes (and after many discarded wire.....) I chose this one.  I like how the tail fin curls - like an inverted heart.   What do you think?  

I used metallic gold, silver and black miyuki seed beads - it makes this fish stands out beautifully.  After adding a black faceted Czech glass bead for the eye,  I experimented and added the Czech leaf charm to represent the fin of the fish and was happy that it fall nicely onto the fish.     To finish this beaded fish, I wire wrapped a black flower ( to complement the leaf) and dangle the fish onto a grayish-black metal bookmark.

Fish fact : The Chinese believed that the Fish symbolized "the wish for more" or "abundance", in the sense of more good luck, good fortune, long life and children.  A pair of fish represents unity and fidelity in marriage and are often given in the form of charms or figurines to a wedding couple.

I have listed this fish bookmark at my Etsy shop.

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