21 May 2015

Brass Charm bracelet, Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

Some time ago, my daughter and I found a small booth selling brass charms and decided to pick some to make a charm bracelet for each of us. My daughter loves charm bracelet; she likes the ones that go jingling and jangling with every movement.   I don’t know why but I too love the enduring charming appeal of this jingly bracelet. It works magic – it can be feminine or funny, glamorous or girlish, classic or whimsical and still make a statement.  I personally love the soft jingle and jangle the charm bracelet makes when it is in motion and I love to examine each quirky charms dangling from it. 

This is my daughter's brass charm bracelet.....

I wanted to create a vintage-style look, so I went for beads of neutral colors such as the remarkable color of  Swarovski Elements’ beautiful golden shadow, pearly white Swarovski Elements’ crystal pearl, clear Chinese crystal rondelles  and Czech Preciosa pearl-coated druk beads to match the brass chainlink and charms.  

This pretty Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet will definitely be the perfect accessory for her next daytime outing with her friends!

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