10 May 2015

Flower Bookmark, Spring Bookmark, Pearl and Flower

 Spring arrives and is the time for new beginnings and fresh ideas.  To me, Spring means more colors surround us,  Flowers blooming everywhere and seeing the leaves on trees turning a beautiful new green ....

To celebrate the Spring season, I started this "Spring is Here!" flower bookmark series.  

I LOVE flowers.  I love the colors, the shapes and the beauty of it.  I love the way it makes me feel when I look at flowers.  I love the way it has a wonderful fragrance of its own.  I love the way it naturally grow.  I love that it can grow anywhere the seed lands.  AND, most of all, I love the way it inspires me.

Flowers make me smile....I guess that is one of the reason why women love it so much.  And when it comes from someone we love, it means so much more, as we know they care that even a single stem of rose or a small bouquet of wild flowers makes us happy.

I know I am not finished with Spring and flowers and how they make me feel after each  pearl and flower bookmark is completed, as I have a couple more on my work table but for now, you can find these pretty spring bookmarks at my Etsy shop.

Fact :  Study shows that if you keep a vase of flowers at your work, looking at them in the morning, will reduce stress and anxiety at work.  

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