13 June 2015

Flower bracelet, Colorful bracelet, Multi Color Bracelet

 My daughter saw these acrylic flowers while I was making my “Spring is Here” bookmark series.  She loved the colors and asked whether I could make her a bracelet with it.  Of course, I would make one for my baby - and I must say that the flower bracelet is as colorful as a Spring bouquet

I wanted the flowers to lay flat against the wrist and getting it to lay flat needed some adjustment.  I could not use the normal wire wrapping and I did not like the way the cord laid across the flowers.  After several ideas were thrown into the bin, I finally like how this bracelet turns out.

As the flowers are acrylic, this colorful bracelet is super lightweight and fits comfortably on the wrist.

And I am glad to say that this multi color bracelet has been seen on her wrist on many occasions.

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