28 June 2015

White Flower Bracelet, Bohemian Bracelet, Boho Chic

I originally started on making a bracelet of white flower in a row....but that didnt quite work.    Will have to sit and re-think it.  So I decided for something a little simpler.

This white flower bracelet was inspired by my love for bohemian jewelry.  I love making bohemian bracelet as bohemian for me, means a style that is free spirited.   Nothing has to match.  Boho chic fashion always reminds me of the 1960s -1970s flower child fashion. When hippiedom and psychedelia were at their peak.    I love the casual, relaxed lifestyle it reflected. 

I realized, for this design, I wanted muted colors and the oval Czech Preciosa lavender beads and pale orange cats eye pairs  beautifully with the off white polymer clay flower bead.  The beautiful white flower was purchased from an amazing artisan, Elaine, from Canada who uses polymer clay to make little pieces of art.   For a splash of color, I added a darker purple,  red and brown wooden beads.  The metallic bronze leaf charms gives the nature inspired bracelet a little drama.
This boho chic beaded bracelet is available in my Etsy shop now.

White little flower swaying with the breeze
Laughed with joy with the sun
Danced happily with the rain
Gazed longingly at the Moon
Dreamed with the twinkling stars
Happy she was, this little white flower....  

by A.Nair

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