14 January 2015

Fish Bookmark, Fish Charm, Orange and White Fish

I have just finished this beaded fish bookmark.  This beaded fish is the fist member of the Fish Fry Club.  I called him Neemo. It is an inspiration from the adorable clown fish from Disney's "Finding Nemo".  

I know that the clown fish is just orange and white but I love the way the mandarin orange color stands out against the cream, black and coffee color miyuki delica seed beads.  It really makes the beaded fish look so strikingly bright and colorful.

Just envision this colorful bookmark hanging outside the edge of the book you are reading or if it is on the table or your bookshelf, everyone will see this funky bookmark and it will definitely raise a smile or two...

If you are in love with this fish bookmark as I am, it is available at my Etsy shop now.


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