16 December 2012

Garnet Necklace, Garnet Gemstone Necklace, Double Amethyst

This Garnet necklace was made to complement the bracelet, Amethyst Pleasure.

The gemstone necklace features natural hand-cut faceted garnet nuggets that looks almost "purple-black". These garnet nuggets are actually deep burgundy red color with minor inclusions. The nuggets are not polished as the normal stones usually are.  However, I loved that they were not perfect as those little flaws made it more interesting, more character. Like us, not perfect but it is our imperfections that make us.  

 I love how the glints of light bounced off from the pure spectacular garnets. 
I paired them with glass beads of amethyst in color and secured it with a silver plated  lobster clasp.  For a playful touch, I added another beaded garnet dangling from the end of the extender chain.

Footnote: Being a January birthstone, it is also a winter gem but with its brilliance and multitude of colors, garnet can be truly for any season.  

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