09 March 2014

Pearl and Gemstone Bracelet, Custom Order, Norah

This was a custom order to re-style this bracelet that has been in my friend's jewelry box for many years; left unworn and forgotten until her recent spring cleaning of her jewelry collection.

I love the dark gold, white and the green combination of the double strand bracelet.
 It is a reminiscent of  the falling leaves of autumn.  

I have to admit re-doing a bracelet using beads that was not of my choice was not an easy matter as I thought it would be but .......

after much tweaking......VIOLA!!!!

I added an acrylic flower which has a dark gold finished as the focal point and started re-arranging the beads  around it.  The multiple materials in warm hues creates a pearl and gemstone bracelet full of texture and colors.

Materials used : 
citrine chips, freshwater pearls in green, dark gold and white, 
an acrylic flower finished, a brass-plated s-hook clasp.

I am happy to say that she LOVED it!!!!

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