23 February 2018

Red and Purple Brass Charm Bracelets, Red Hat Society

While skimming through the color palettes in The Beader’s Color Palette by Margie Deeb, I found a color palette that I have yet to fully embrace – red and purple.  While googling ( I had to as I am the  – you know....curiosity kills the cat type of person)  these two colors, I found out that this is the color scheme of the Red Hat Society.

FYI, Red Hats Society is a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women, making new friends and enriching their lives through the power of fun and friendship.  Women over the age of 50 wear red hats and purple clothing, while those under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing.  I can understand why they chose this colors as purple is associated with spiritual and creativity while red as confidence and vitality.

I decided that I would make one for my daughter and myself. We are both fun people – Ha-ha.  Since the theme for these bracelets will be an inspiration of the Red Hat Society, I wanted pink and lavender for my daughter – but “uh-uh no way, she said” – she is not a fan of pink. So red and purple color it will be for us.

I have decided that I do love the luxurious harmony of the bold and bright red and rich energetic purple in these delightful brass bracelets.

Now both bracelets are charm bracelets with the red and purple color scheme but yet different in execution.  

My daughter preferred the chain bracelet with dangling brass charms so I chose to make a slightly different version for myself.  She wanted larger charms too.

I paired the shining donut purple tanzanite AB Chinese crystals with berry red Czech spacers.    Metallic silver Chinese crystals donuts and bronze gold seed beads were added for the bling-bling effect.  As I wanted the fun and playful look, the brass plated charms are a mix of fun quirky charms that will jingle charmingly on the wrist.

It does add a dose of the unexpected quirky in my jewelry box. 

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