16 June 2016

Basic Jewelry Making - The Balancing Act - Symmetrical Bracelet

It has been a long log long time since my last post.  What can I say?  There were many things going on and I let myself be drowned in it.  Not a way to live but everyone needs a break now and then.  We are humans, right?  We err and we do allow many stupid things to go on before we see the light of day. Learn and live.....

Well, since my last dry spell, I have been trying to get my creative juices flowing again by going back to the basic - starting with the first principle of basic jewelry making, which is Balance. There are 3 types of balance; the symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.  

Of course, the symmetrical (and the easiest) is the perfect balance as the bracelet would be balanced in materials, colors, texture shape and form. Centering is the easiest way to achieve a balanced design.  Symmetrical jewelry is pleasingly orderly and expected.

Asymmetrical balance or informal balance deals with designs with visual weights that are equivalent but not identical.  It takes more planning and practice to ensure balance.  I find the best way to achieve asymmetrical balance is to have more or less equally placements of different size, shape and color randomly distributed throughout the design. 

The final balance is radial balance whereby all the elements in a a design radiate from a center point and the visual weight is distributed equally, like a starfish.  Like a charm bracelet.

Here are the photos :
I love the irregularity and the color of these swirling purple-blue Czech beads.
A classic bead and chain bracelet from natural hand-cut lemon topaz
with gold-toned miyuki seed beads.
Practicing my wire working.  This is lilac stone with copper craft wire.  This was a vast  improvement from the earlier piece I made for my sister,  Things to do list - to remake my sister's bracelet.
A multi strand bracelet of sunny yellow and sun colored chinese crystal rondelles
 individually hand wrapped with gold toned craft wire.

A wire wrapped Swarovski Elements pearl bracelet in grey with a brass charm with an extract from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 - And every fair from fair sometime declines"

As you can see, I made many symmetrical bracelets.  Always start with the easiest, right?  I have not taken photos of the other pieces....will upload as soon as I can....Promise!

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