16 June 2016

Charm Chain Bracelet, Beaded Charm Bracelet

This charm chain bracelet was a gift for my daughter some years ago.  However, it was left sadly in the bottom of her jewelry box.  I changed the clasp from a lobster clasp to this flower toggle hoping that it would change her mind.  Sadly, it did not.  So I thought it was time for a makeover ......

The charms are metalized acrylic so they are very lightweight.

Here’s the new look :

I remembered I had a small packet of metalized acrylic based charm that was given to me some years ago, which was at the bottom of my bead stash (not a great fan of metalized acrylic beads, dont ask me why; i just dont).  I added those to the bracelet along with some pretty pink glass pearls for color. However, the charm bracelet needed more drama.  So I wire wrapped some irregular clear glass beads with pink seed bead together with some white seed bead dangles to complete the makeover. 

 PS :  I am glad to say that she loved it and the bracelet is getting some of the love and attention from her. 

Jewelry makeover with other designer’s jewelry saddens me.  It makes me feel as I do not respect the inspiration, ideas and joy of the creator; that the piece has lost its identity.  However, it makes me sad when jewelry is not worn as it should be.  Every jewelry piece that has ever been made was made with love, passion and hard work and we should respect and appreciate that.

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