16 June 2016

Restyling Broken Jewelry

A friend needed help with some of her stretch bracelets that were broken. 

I decided not to re-string them all over again  as they were originally designed (I felt that the original setting did not reflect her personality) and since she did not mind it, I was happy to create entirely new pieces for her.   Restyling broken jewelry  is a great option to repurpose the gemstones into new modern pieces and  I wanted the pieces to look young, fun and playful - just like her!


She gave me these loose aquamarine beads in a bitty bag.  I wire wrapped them along with some clear crystals and metal charms and make a beaded charm bracelet for her.

I am pleased to say that she loved the bracelets.

It makes me very happy that these beads will not be sitting and collecting dust in her jewelry box. My heart is singing that I could give her a fresh look and style that she can actually wear over and again.

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